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Meet the Goodman

Brian Feuer

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The Portfolio Manager


  1. 1. A Goodman always…wakes in the morning confident in himself, sure of his goals and the drive to achieve those goals.
  3. 2. Routine or spontaneity? A good man does what he must, even if it’s routine, but embraces the spontaneity of life!
  5. 3. A Goodman takes pride in… Living by his principles in all he does!


Brian wears Brioni, 212 339 3342

BTS with Brian

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A life-long New Yorker, Brian is a Special Situations Portfolio Manager and Corporate Advisor with an extensive background in finance and negotiations. Brian’s advice is sought based on his a unique perspective of global financial markets and the effects of political and cultural change on business environments.  On a typical day at the office, he wears a blazer, trousers and comfortable leather shoes, as he (in true New Yorker fashion) prefers to walk to and from the office.

Brian's Accomplishments

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Brian’s responsibilities have recently expanded to Asia and Latin America, where he lectures on recent commercial developments. As any Goodman would do, Brian makes an effort to give back. In addition to his professional pursuits, Brian has philanthropic interests, one such is Tuesday’s Children, where he was recently asked to join the Board of Directors as a senior member of its executive committee.

Jason Bard Yarmosky

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The Artist


  1. 1. A Goodman’s secret weapon is his… Imagination
  3. 2. A Goodman is never without his… Integrity
  5. 3. Pie- is a Goodman’s only weakness.


Jason wears Berluti, 212 339 3342

BTS with Jason

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Jason Yarmosky graduated with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2010. With his past focus on painting his grandparents, Yarmosky devotes his efforts to exploring the concept of the life cycle.
Since debuting “Elder Kinder”, his first solo exhibition in 2011, Yarmosky continues to push the conceptual boundaries of figurative portrait painting by exploring the juxtaposition between the young and old. While painting his 86-year-old grandparents with impeccable detail, Yarmosky exposes the tension between the physical and psychological elements of the elderly, creating myriad expressions that clash with society’s cultural stereotypes of aging.

The Artwork

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 ”Sleep Walking” - oil on canvas 83″x73″
Jason Yarmosky
In private collection

Ted Kato

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The Business Analyst

  1.  A Goodman’s secret weapon is his…wit.
  2. Routine or spontaneity? Definitely spontaneity. Routine was already achieved.
  3. A Goodman takes pride in…his family, his friends and then his job.


Ted wears Ermenegildo Zegna, 212 339 3319

BTS with Ted

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“I grew up in a beach town in Japan for 8 years and also spent my childhood in the farm lands of Pennsylvania. I was an active teenager – traveled to exotic places, played all kinds of sports and worked multiple jobs – dishwasher, waiter and a host at local restaurants. As far as I can remember, in high school, all I did was run. I joined the track team my freshman year and ran until i was a senior. I focused on studying in my early 20′s and graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a Mechanical Engineering degree, as my role-model, grandpa was a famous inventor and joined a bank in Japan where I ended up working for 5 years, then was transferred to NY.” –Ted Kato

Ted's Accomplishments

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“In terms of recent accomplishments, I have helped a bank deliver the most critical project to be compliant with its regulatory requirements/changes for Risk.  Although crazy amount of my personal time was sacrificed, it has been an honor to partake in such an important global delivery/initiative for the firm.” — Ted Kato

Tom Broecker

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The Costume Designer


  1. 1. A Goodman always…opens the door for a lady
  3. 2. A Goodman is never without his…manners
  5. 3. A Goodman takes pride in…a job well done


Tom wears Isaia, 212 339 3342

BTS with Tom

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Tom Broecker is an Emmy Award Winning Costumer Designer, and has been designing for Saturday Night Live for almost 20 years. A few of the other shows Tom has designed for include House of Cards, 30 Rock, In Treatment, The Big C, and The Comeback, as well as numerous pilots. Tom has also designed for film, opera and many Broadway and off Broadway theatre productions. He has styled commercials, numerous photo shoots and was a consultant for a 7th Avenue fashion company for 4 years. Tom has 6 Emmy Nominations, 4 Costume Designer Guild Nominations and a Masters Degree from Yale.

The Mood Board

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Tom’s inspiration board for House of Cards, Season 1.

Emmett Burke

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The Restaurateur


  1. 1. A Goodman is never without his… Escape route
  3. 2. A Goodman orders… The local special -wherever he is
  5. 3. Routine or spontaneity? Routinely spontaneous


Emmett wears Valentino, 212 339 3327

BTS with Emmett

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This entrepreneur and restaurateur brings a taste of his hometown of Chicago to New York, literally. Emmett’s in SoHo, boasts a deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza that has won over the tastebuds of the entire city. His personal style focuses on simplicity in design, and unmatched quality in the cut and material.

The Restaurant

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You can’t say no to Chicago style deep dish pizza. Especially from our Goodman’s restaurant on MacDougal street in downtown NYC. The easygoing vibe and delicious, comforting food makes it the perfect go-to spot.

Jesse Boykins III

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The Musician


  1. 1. A Goodman is never without his… Smile
  3. 2. A Goodman orders… To satisfy
  5. 3. A Goodman’s favorite read. The Alchemist


Jesse wears Brunello Cucinelli, 212 339 3327

BTS with Jesse

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Jamaican born, Miami raised, and Brooklyn based. A producer, documentary filmmaker and a musician–the perfect mix. Jesse Boykins III has performed at venues all over the world, including Japan, Germany, South Africa and The Netherlands. His personal style is colorful, eclectic and always expressive.

The Music

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Listen to Jesse’s mix on Spotify.

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