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Man of the Moment: Kirk Miller of Miller’s Oath

Kirk Miller’s distinctive tweed coats and overcoats epitomize the best of modern tailoring. They manage to be classic and modern at the same time, and are perfectly right for cooler weather. Visit the Second Floor of the Men’s Store to see the exclusive collection.

Miller's Oath, 212 573 7300

-You worked at Thom Browne, Paul Stuart and then at Barker Black. What made you want to start your own line?
I learned so much at both places. If there’s a common thread between them it was a sense of individuality and creativity—although in very different ways. I was fortunate to work directly with the masterminds (Thom and Cliff Grodd) and got an appreciation for the wide scope of what their businesses, not just one narrow area. Ultimately, after getting firsthand experience launching Barker Black with my brother Derrick there was a need and style which I thought was missing and could be addressed.

-Your sport coats have a very clean line. Can you describe your house style?

One button, pockets cut on the slant, a little nip in the waist. It’s more modern than a boring old sport coat. We use fairly heavy tweeds and wools and there’s a nice juxtaposition with the way we cut the coats.

-Where do you find these great fabrics and what makes a tweed really memorable?
Tweed is a very personal fabric—it always has a lot of character to it, but everybody responds differently to each swatch. Most of our tweed comes from the UK, but every once in a while the Italians do their take on it that’s amazing.

-What have you noticed about changes in the way men are dressing these days?
Just the fact that you’re asking me that says a lot—and that men care about the answer! Men just care more about tailoring and their personal style these days.

-What’s one fashion rule you never break?
I try to push limits without being inappropriate—that’s my test whenever I’m dressing.

-What’s one article of clothing that every man should own?
A jacket that fits!

-David Coggins