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Made-to-Measure Spotlight: Charvet

3 28 2012

Charvet, 212 339 3342


There are shirts and then there are shirts. A great shirt you look forward to wearing and contributes to your sartorial well-being. It’s beautifully made, the fabric is just right, the fit is unrivalled—when you move it moves without resistance. Like all well-tailored clothing, it provides you with peace of mind.

A man may wear a shirt everyday, and yet too often they are lacking. That’s not a problem with Charvet. Made by hand in France, Charvet shirts have a following that transcends borders—the devoted seek them out near and far. It’s not just the precise craftsmanship, it’s the splendid array of fabrics and colors that are always more nuanced than you expect.

The believers are in luck. Jean-Claude Colban, the president of Charvet, will be in the store Friday and Saturday during BG’s Made-to-Measure Event (be sure to schedule an appointment, call 212 339 3342). He’ll offer counsel as you select the fabrics and details of your shirt. And even more good fortune: the made-to-measure fee is waived, and the minimum order is only one.

Charvet, 212 339 3342

Even for the discreet dresser tough decisions await—there are more shades of white and blue than you realize. If you’re feeling daring dive into an infinite variety of checks and stripes. Oh, and collars and pockets and monograms. It’s hard to remain calm.

Some men like a clean front to their dress shirts. Others always carry a pen and require a pocket. There’s no right answer. Wear a watch on your left hand? Then your cuff should be a little bit larger. No problem. These are choices that are a pleasure to make. Your Charvet shirt will make your life simpler and more elegant, and paired with one of their knit ties, you’ll be ready whenever society calls.

Charvet, 212 339 3342

Thursday, March 29 — Saturday, March 31
Men’s First & Second Floors

Call to schedule an appointment
212 339 3342


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