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Made-to-Measure Highlight: Shoes

3 29 2012

Men's Shoe Shop, 212 339 3334

When men find a shoe company they like, their allegiance does not waver. With the same devotion they show to their favorite Scotch, they wait with baited breath for the latest models, and go to great lengths to seek them out. And, like Scotch, if the company is under the radar, and makes a great product by hand, that’s even better. Bergdorf Goodman is a destination for many exclusive collections, particularly Italian companies, like Bontoni, (which is taking part in The Made-to-Measure event, now in full swing throughout the store).

The wide collections is largely due to our resident shoe guru, Peter Guarraci, who’s cultivated strong relationships with a number of Italian shoe companies. Working together, they sort out variations in design, leather, and lasts. The results are shoes you can only get at BG.

Men's Shoe Shop, 212 339 3334

Bontoni is a distinct favorite—working from a longer, thinner last, often in pebbled leather, they are incredibly elegant. If you want to get even more individualistic (and select two-tone shoes in the colors of your choice) then beat a retreat to The Made-to-Measure Event. You’ll also find an exclusive selection of leather in the finish of your choice—these are wonderful decisions to make. And for those of you just learning about Bontoni, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Bontoni Shoes, 212 339 3334

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