The London Weekend Agenda With Thom Sweeney

The partners behind the dashingly modern British tailoring collection Thom Sweeney share their favorite off-duty haunts.


Thom Whiddett: Usually, the weekend starts with a drink after work at The Anglesea Arms in South Kensington. It’s my local pub, which attracts an international crowd. Often, we’ll venture into Mayfair for dinner at The Arts Club, a beautiful members’ club with an amazing hotel. My favorite dishes are the tuna tartare and the Italian-style sea bass with tomatoes and olives. Or I’ll go to Dinings in Marylebone, my favorite Japanese restaurant. My clubbing days are on hold for now, as I’m the proud father of a one-year-old boy, Maximilian, so it’s an early start the next day!

Luke Sweeney: Friday evening starts healthy for me. I work out after I finish at the office—a session with George at Bodyism, a great studio in Notting Hill that also has a café. I finish my evening with a pint with friends at my local pub in Kensington, The Scarsdale Tavern. It has the best bangers and mash. (As I said, it starts healthy.) Then it’s home—I need my rest on a Friday.


Thom Whiddett: I start with a 7:15 a.m. workout at my CrossFit Perpetua gym. After breakfast with the family, I’ll head into work for a catch-up at both our stores in Mayfair. Our new ready-to-wear store is becoming a real hangout spot for guys on Saturdays, so I’ll pop down there and try not to get in the way. My favorite spot for brunch is The Colony Grill Room at The Beaumont hotel, usually for eggs Benedict. Saturday afternoon is spent strolling with family in a park. My favorites are Hampstead Heath in North London, which is beautiful and rustic, or my local Battersea Park, which runs alongside the river Thames. In the evening we’ll meet friends for dinner at our local Italian place, La Famiglia in Chelsea, which makes a mean spaghetti carbonara.

Luke Sweeney: Even though I’m a married father of two, my weekends in London are pretty free, as my family is living in New York for a short time. I normally wake up and go for a run around Hyde Park, to set me up for the day. After a freshen-up at home, I head to Granger & Co. in Notting Hill for the best breakfast and coffee before visiting our bespoke showroom to catch up on paperwork and e-mails. Then I normally head to Little House and have coffee and read the papers. If there is a night out planned (which is rare), it’s dinner at The Arts Club and drinks at 5 Hertford Street—both great members’ clubs. Hertford Street has a really English feel—very cozy. I could imagine James Bond hanging out there


Thom Whiddett: I’ll usually head to East London, as it’s buzzing on a Sunday. It’s a little too hipster for my liking, but it’s always fun. Redchurch Street is good for retail therapy. Sometimes I’ll meet up with friends and head to the Emirates Stadium to watch a football (soccer!) game—if you want to sample a real British day out, then you can’t beat an afternoon at the football!

Luke Sweeney: Sundays, I head east and see my family in Essex. I’m so stretched these days, it’s always great to catch up with loved ones. Then, almost religiously, my oldest mates from school and I head to Shoreditch House for a late lunch and a few pints. Perfect!



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