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I’m A Good Man : Joshua Leonardi

A Goodman Makes An Impression

5th/58th gets to know one of the faces of our new Goodman campaign, attorney Joshua Leonardi.

5th/58th: A Goodman always…

JL: …has a back-up plan. No matter what aspect of life, you never know when you’re gonna need it.

5th/58th: A Goodman never forgets…

JL: …where he came from. You never know when you will need (or want) to go back.

5th/58th: A Goodman’s secret weapon is…

JL: …his ability to listen. When you are truly able to listen is when you learn. And when you can learn something, anything is possible.

5th/58th: A Goodman always orders….

JL: …a vodka rocks and a bourbon neat.

5th/58th: A Goodman would never…

JL: …make the same mistake twice.

5th/58th: What do you like most about wearing a suit and tie to work everyday?

JL: When you dress professionally, it is not only a constant reminder to yourself to always be on top of your game in the office—but it also has an effect on those you work with.

5th/58th: What would you really love to wear that you don’t think you could pull off in your work environment?

JL: The Josh sneakers by Alejandro Ingelmo. I’m grateful and proud to have been the inspiration for my dear friend’s sneaker. I have over 8 pairs and when I’m not in a suit, it’s the only sneaker I wear. I’m just not sure they are entirely appropriate for the office.

5th/58th: What has been your biggest sartorial splurge?

JL: In the past year, it would have to be a cashmere grey blazer from Ralph Lauren Black Label. Absolutely love the fit, and it can easily go from work to play.

Watch Joshua in our Goodman campaign