I’m A Good Man : Bryce Wolkowitz

5th/58th gets to know one of the faces of our new Goodman campaign, gallery owner Bryce Wolkowitz.


5th/58th: Where were you born?
BW: New York City.

5th/58th: What do you love most about New York?
BW: Its energy, diversity and creativity.

5th/58th: What is your occupation?
BW: Gallery owner.

5th/58th: Describe your job.
BW: Market, showcase, and promote across sections of artists working in varied mediums.

5th/58th: Describe your industry.
BW: Highly creative, passionate gallerists and collectors, also competitive.

5th/58th: How do you define success?
BW: Happiness. Also being a trendsetter and unique in some way.

5th/58th: Describe your “uniform.”
BW: I tend toward more classic looks. Suits, either Polo Black Label or Thom Browne. I love watches; Franck Muller is my favorite.

5th/58th: Do you own a suit?
BW: Yes. Wear it all the time, dress it up or down.

5th/58th: What is your favorite thing to wear?
BW: Jeans, white oxford and navy blue blazer.

5th/58th: What will you never wear?
BW: A Kilt.

Watch Bryce in our Goodman campaign


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