Goodman’s x The Woolmark Company

Photography by Jai Odell

Goodman’s is thrilled to announce its exclusive partnership with The Woolmark Company on a Future of Merino pop-up shop on its third floor, featuring items made of fine Merino wool.

The Woolmark Company is the global authority on wool being one of the world’s most recognized and respected brands, providing assurance of the highest quality, and representing pioneering excellence and innovation from farm through to finished product. For those who don’t know, Australian Merino wool is a nature fiber that comes from Merino sheep, which are distinctly suited to Australia’s landscape and climate. Wool is 100% natural grown year-round by Australia’s 71 million sheep, consuming a simple blend of water, air, sunshine and grass.

The fiber in Merino wool is 3x finer than a human hair, which makes the fabric feel soft, comfortable and luxurious. Aside from the fact that its fibers are biodegradable, Merino wool is also machine washable, stain resistant, anti-wrinkle possess excellent handle and drape. Even better? Merino wool comes in a wide choice of textures, weaves and weights; allowing it to be woven or knitted and worn in every season.

Visit the Future of Merino pop-up now through October 15th on Goodman’s 3rd floor and discover more at




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