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Embrace the Elements: Bright Raincoats

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Spring is a time of optimism, but it’s also a time of rain. Just because the storm clouds arrive doesn’t mean you have to give in to despair. A good rain coat is the stylish solution to the elements. A bright colored raincoat also says that you understand that the world is an unpredictable place—and embrace it.

Mackintosh is a perennial favorite—synonymous with raincoats—and they are offering a brilliant green option that practically says “Spring.” While a vivid orange will get even more attention. For the more timid among us there are still classic khaki and navy.

Bright doesn’t always mean an intense color. Jil Sander’s trench in very pale beige is light in the most compelling way. You’ll be visible through the sheets of rain.

Let’s say you’re not at all a traditionalist. Then Moncler’s hooded windbreaker might be your answer this spring. It’s got a certain sporty quality that makes you look very relaxed indeed.

So venture forth and express yourself while you enjoy the season. 


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