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Elemental Pleasure: The All-Weather Shoe

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Women have to make difficult shoe decisions. When a snowstorm hit New York during Fashion Week women were forced to make some big game time shoe decisions. Go with prudence: a clunky rubber boot and forgo winning any style awards. Or go with style: the impossible heel du jour, and risk toppling over. Fortunately, men are not confronted with such extreme footwear dilemmas. But not all shoes are created for winter and early spring demands. 

Here are a few that make the grade:

- If you’re dealing with serious precipitation you’re going to want a rubber soul. Look for the BG Private Label chukka. The pebbled leather gives it a nice texture and a little personality—and you’re still set for the elements.

- Suede shoes have long been staples of the classic country wardrobe (of course, they look perfect in town, as well). These Brunello Cucinelli suede brogues have a smart silhouette that’s both rugged and refined. Not shoes you’re going to wear to shovel the steps, but they’re eminently civilized.

- Perhaps you prefer a more urbane option. The Jimmy Choo Biker Boot is seriously impressive. Can be dressed up or down, they’re ready for anything that doesn’t involve running.

The Ralph Lauren cap-toe boot would look perfect with a pair of old corduroy or flannel trousers. You can sit in The Explorers Club, or, at least look like you should be a member.

- As the weather turns you can think of more color, thinner soles—which is to say: the season of the driver shoe will soon be here.

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