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Designers You Need to Know: Louis Leeman

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Men’s shoes are based on a few classic patterns. They haven’t changed over many years because the silhouettes can’t be improved upon. That’s why John Lobb has been in business for a very long time. So it’s rare when we get excited about new shoes—it’s like reinventing the sartorial wheel. That’s why Louis Leeman is so welcome

Louis Leeman’s modern take on classic designs is fresh but assertive. These are shoes for men who are unafraid of a little risk. Leeman is a Dutch designer who learned traditional shoemaking in Florence. That’s where he met his girlfriend, Erica Pelosini, and, together, they started the company four years ago. It’s been a successful partnership because men who initially respond to the look of the shoes are surprised at how well-made they are.

Now their shoes are sought after by men who want more than a default loafer. The beaded Venetian slip-on (212 339 3334) is the answer when you want to express yourself in a bolder way. The beaded loafer (212 339 3334) introduces a welcome bit of texture to a enduring classic. Whether you’re looking for a counterpoint to a conservative suit or to dress up your favorite khakis, Louis Leeman shoes are for those who embrace a bit of vivid personality.