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Holiday Fashion Memories

12 19 2013
Altuzarra, 7yrs
No Instagram filters. No hashtags. Just pure holiday fashion memories they way they once existed — sometimes out of focus, usually a bit blurry and always full of fine holiday cheer. From designers Joseph Altuzarra and Lela Rose to stylists and sisters Danielle and Laura of The... View More

Quick Holiday Beauty Tricks

12 19 2013
Diorific Jewel Manicure Duo 212 872 8980
Forgo the glitz. Ditch the dazzle and abandon all things over-the-top. This year, holiday beauty is all about 'the touches' -- the little things that add a glint of gold or a flash of red. A delicate accent here, a subtle spark of interest there.  These five beauty picks help you light up holiday... View More

Cool Gifts for Her

12 18 2013
Sydney Evan, 212 872 2518
Gentlemen, you now have less than seven days to find and wrap up the perfect holiday gift. Here at Bergdorf Goodman we understand the art of procrastination and are ready to help you find the perfect present.... before it's too late.  So whether it's your cousin or sister or wife or assistant, we've identified just... View More

Holidays on Ice: Goodman’s

12 17 2013
December's cold weather snap continues across Fifth Avenue within Goodman's Fifth Avenue and 58th Street holiday windows. Frosted in a snowy, Alpine scene, our Goodmen are dressed in the season's favorites — from Alexander McQueen to gifts including umbrellas by Archer Adams and the latest styles from the Shoe Library.  As per tradition, animals... View More

5 Easy Holiday Looks from 5F

12 17 2013
Happy Holidays! Is that you hiding under the mistletoe? Holiday parties are in full swing here in New York, and we're beginning to exhaust our standard day to night looks.  Fortunately there's 5F to the rescue.  Using basic black as our base, let's think of how to expand our standard holiday style using nothing more... View More

The Get List: Monica Rich Kosann

12 12 2013
The Get List: Monica Rich Kosann

The Get List: Monica Rich Kosann

  Welcome to the Get List — where we help decipher what to get the Fashion Flock this holiday season. Today’s feature? The incredibly talented photographer and designer Monica Rich Kosann (who... View More

Cool Gifts: The Hostess

12 9 2013
Fornasetti, 212 872 8841
There comes a time in all our lives when we must attend the ubiquitous hosted-at-home holiday party.  If you're a New Yorker, the affair typically reaches a fever pitch in a kitchen the size of a non-New Yorker's closet; if you're a non-New Yorker, this becomes an opportunity to compare holiday lights and the... View More

7 Reasons You Need to Visit Santa

See him Sundays on the Seventh Floor

12 6 2013

Santa Claus is coming to town... starting this Sunday our very hip Santa will be traveling from the North Pole to grace our corner of Fifth Avenue and 58th Street. And, if it's appropriate to boast, Sundays with Santa is one of our best untapped New York City Secrets.

1. Santa loves dogs... View More

Desk to Drinks: Pretty Holiday Hair

12 5 2013
Jennifer Behr Petite Waterfall Flip Clip
It's 5:45 and you're 15 minutes from making a mad dash from desk to drinks. You whip out your trusty mirrored compact, and yikes -- the hair. It needs a refresh...but what's a girl to do with just a few minutes to spare? Breathe. We can help! Consider a decorative headpiece. Whatever the affair, whatever your style... View More

The Get List: Manolo Blahnik

12 5 2013
Get List: Manolo Blahnik

Get List: Manolo Blahnik

Welcome to the Get List — where we help decipher what to get the Fashion Flock this holiday season. Today’s feature? The ultimate and supreme shoe designer Manolo Blahnik.  Not only has this sugar-lover perfected the BB, he's fashioned the handsomest driving shoe... View More