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The Faces of 5F

9 21 2011

Last night we stopped by our favorite newsstand at the 59th Street Subway Station and picked up the latest issue of Lucky Magazine.  For those unfamiliar with the wild way that Fashion’s calendar works (honestly: I think we simultaneously exist in five-and-a-half seasons each & every day of the year), the current issues are dated October which can only mean one very exciting, very specific thing: we would know more than a few faces within Lucky’s pages.  Just like that, in the flash of the summer, we launched our first non-model model search for real women to star in our 5F ad campaign, culled through thousands of entries, met twenty-five semi-finalists, and chose and photographed our eight faces before quickly sending our ad campaign files to Lucky Magazine. So here they are: Shelly, Brigid, Natasha, Sarah, Amy, Justine, Meghan and Muthoni — our Faces of 5F. View More

Exploring BG with the Faces of 5F

9 13 2011


Ever had one of those perfect days in Bergdorf Goodman?

It seems that our Faces of 5F had precisely that when Muthoni, Meghan, Amy and Justine met to explore the store and try on favorite looks.  Featuring Bed Space by Darwin Deez (you may recall our recent obsession with him), our Faces of 5F take you on a tour of the store — lunching at BG Restaurant, pausing on the Beauty Level and, of course, spending quality time on 5F browsing (and trying on) looks from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Elie Tahari, Elizabeth & James, Vince….  See something you like? Simply drag your mouse over the item to discover whose it is and click on it for more information.  You even can shop and share it with friends.

Do hope you enjoy. View More

Faces of 5F: NYFW with Natasha

9 12 2011

BG Stories: Natasha Huang & The Faces of 5F

There are people who love New Year’s Eve, Halloween or simply their birthday…. but for others Fashion Week is the best week of the year. Coming from a fashion publicist’s point-of-view, lets just say I need a serious vacation the day after Fashion Week ends. View More

Faces of 5F: Shelly Pins it Vintage

9 12 2011

BG Stories: Shelly Legler & The Faces of 5F

Brooches, necklaces, rings, and bracelets! Any jewelry for that matter are as essential to me as is exercise (I am an exercise fiend). Buy and do what makes you feel good. I began collecting vintage brooches in my early 20’s and I am 50 now. View More

Faces of 5F: Meghan’s Sweetest New York City Secrets

9 12 2011

BG Stories Meghan Asha & the Faces of 5F

Shopping and Sugar… oh my! View More

DIY Time

Faces of 5F finalist, Muthoni, shares a homemade recipe that's sure to soothe rough, dry skin.

9 6 2011

Brace for impact. Cooler temps and crisp fall air almost inevitably lead to parched, dehydrated skin. We asked Faces of 5F finalist Muthoni to share her DIY recipe for keeping skin soft and subtle.

Take it away, Muthoni!


View More

Behind the Glass: Faces of 5F

8 31 2011

It seems just like yesterday we were announcing our Faces of 5F non-model model search with Lucky Magazine.  Weeks flashed by; and, before we knew it, we were meeting with 25 hopefuls who were more than happy to strike a pose before photographer Matt Irwin.  Skip seven days to the West Village studio where our eight Faces of 5F (Shelly, Natasha, Brigid, Amy, Meghan, Justine, Sarah and Muthoni) gathered for hair, makeup, brow bleaching and more before slipping into the looks that would appear in the 5F ad campaign to be featured in Lucky’s October issue.  The girls were pros; we all had chills… particularly when Shelly stepped out in the glittering Diane von Furstenberg gown that originally stunned us during the Casting Call and Amy whipped her long blonde locks (in a fashion that would prompt jealousy from the Ariel, the original envy-inducing hair-flipper) again and again and again. View More

Videos that Make Us Happy: Darwin Deez

8 31 2011

We can get slightly obsessive in the office here.  Perhaps it’s that we’re so attuned to trends that when we discover something we like (and I mean really like), we have to savor its creativity again and again and again.

Enter Darwin Deez.  A midsummer discovery, Darwin left us all giddy to the bones, laughing at his hilariously depressing lyrics (if you drop your keys / I hope there is a sewer / somewhere very nearby) juxtaposed against peppy, catchy melodies. And then there were his videos: computer screens flickered with Darwin’s dancing beanpole silhouette, PR girls giggled at the North Carolina-native’s distinctly jarring moves; Andy-the-Retoucher played Darwin’s album over and over again until our writer Coggins shut his office door with a finite thud.  Still, our obsession persevered: we even attended Darwin’s July show at the Bowery Ballroom.  There, Darwin and Caged Animals performed, in perfect synchronization, lyrical dance interpretations to Enya’s Orinoco Flow (ie: Sail Away. You may recall the warbling tunes from hours spent waiting for your dentist appointment) before strumming into his ever-popular Bed Space.   If that weren’t enough, Ace Norton’s cleverly directed Radar Detector became a weekly projection in our Creative Meetings; each week we discovered something new — a panorama photography headpiece a la throw-away cameras, vampire dentures fashioned from plastic cutlery; toothbrush popsicles… we couldn’t get enough of it.  And we wanted to weave him into our story…  we just had to find the right angle.  So you’ll be hearing much more from Darwin in forthcoming days (perhaps I’ve said too much?) but, until then, we do hope you enjoy a mid-morning laugh. View More

BG Stories: Sarah & the Faces of 5F

I was one of the non-New Yorkers selected for the Faces of 5F semi-finalist casting. And I must confess: upon checking in upon arriving to the Fifth Avenue store, I was forced to admit – sheepishly and somewhat shyly – that I never had visited Bergdorf Goodman before....

8 25 2011

Click to read more about the Faces of 5F!

I was one of the non-New Yorkers selected for the Faces of 5F semi-finalist casting. I must confess: upon arriving to the Fifth Avenue store, I was forced to admit (sheepishly, I might add) that no, I never had visited Bergdorf Goodman before.   View More

Introducing the Faces of 5F

Presenting the winners of our Model Search!

7 8 2011

Faces of 5F Semifinalists

Upon launching Faces of 5F, we hoped to receive five-hundred submissions total; we exceed our goal within the very first week and then continued to watch, wide-eyed and shocked, as a steady stream of faces populated our tab on Facebook.  Then, at the stroke of midnight on June 24th, we were faced with the challenge of selecting our semifinalists from over 1,200 submissions; and yesterday we joined with the campaign’s photographer Matt Irwin and the Lucky team to meet each hopeful during a casting call held just beyond the elevators on 5F.  To be quite honest, we didn’t know what to expect. View More