About Last Night: Tina Craig x Nouvel Heritage

Last night, Nicky Hilton Rothschild hosted an intimate celebration for the launch of her friend Tina Craig’s holiday collaboration with Nouvel Heritage. Over a champagne toast, we sat down with Craig and Nouvel Heritage designer Camille Paruitte to talk about their incredible jewelry collection, favorite holiday memories and what’s in store for the future.

Shop the collection now in the Jewelry Salon on the New Main Floor.

Bergdorf Goodman: How did you two meet and how did this collaboration come about? 
Tina Craig:
 I became aware of Nouvel Heritage when they customized a Kiss necklace for me. The piece was stunning and led to my visit to the Paris workshop where I saw the skilled multi-generational craftsmen at work firsthand.

BG: Can you describe the design process for this collection? 
We worked with the NH design and production team in Paris, it was a great experience working with such skilled craftsmen! No task was too difficult, even my request for diamond fringes with a lot of movement.
Camille Paruitte:
 There is usually a lot of back-and-forth between Tina, myself and Nouvel Heritage’s workshop in Paris. I think this is what makes our pieces so polished. We use everyone’s expertise and opinion, the craftsmen are extremely helpful when it comes to conceptualizing the pieces of our dreams.

BG: Describe the collection in 3 words.

TC: Strong. Modern. Feminine.

BG: If you could time travel, what time period would you go to and why?

TC: Pre-war art deco, without question. It was a time of female empowerment, freedom and movement.

CP: I would say the 50’s because my grandmother was about my age during those years and I have always admired her sense of fashion. I love looking at photographs from when she was in her twenties, I think her style was so effortlessly elegant. She is probably the chicest woman I know.

BG: What is the hero item from this collection that every BG woman should own?

TC: That’s a tough question! I wear the Sparkles diamond ring daily along with the short Sparkles diamond necklace. These are easy pieces to dress up or down, to layer with other pieces in the collection or with your own jewels.

CP: I agree, I think the Sparkles diamond ring and the Sparkles necklace are everyday essentials. Although I also think having a Soc Pin is a must. Brooches are back in fashion and they can dress up any outfit!

BG: What’s your favorite holiday memory?

TC: My son’s first Christmas—he was 10 weeks old and my husband put his bassinet under our tree so when I woke and he was not in his crib I panicked to the point of hysteria. Luckily, I found him sleeping with a jewel box next to him under the tree.

CP: Mine is more a holiday tradition. Starting when I was 14 my mother would gift me a piece of jewelry every Christmas. For her it is a way of building my heritage and and becoming a part of it by creating memories that will last forever.

BG: What was the last gift you gave someone?

TC: Beats by Dr Dre for my son’s 12th birthday, he begged for them for a year! I have no idea why they are so important but apparently he could not face being 12 years old without a set.

CP: I gifted a personalized bracelet from Nouvel Heritage’s main line to my best friend as a graduation gift. It was engraved with her initials and she wears it everyday now!

BG: Where do you see your brand in five years. Can we expect more collaborations in the future?

CP: In 5 years I hope Nouvel Heritage will be known as the best brand for personalized jewelry. And Tina and I are working on the next capsule collection already. We are very excited about it!

TC: We just worked on the next collection in Paris last month!

BG: What’s your favorite piece of jewelry that you own? 

TC: My engagement ring that I designed. I am a control freak and told my husband (boyfriend at the time) I need to design the engagement ring if he was going to propose. He agreed because it’s easier to go along with me than to argue with me. It took me forever to find the exact stones and design the setting. Once it was all set and done, the jeweler told me he sold it to someone who wouldn’t take no for an answer and that it would take months to find the exact stones again. It was right before Christmas and I was upset for weeks! Little did I know, that “someone”was my husband, he surprised me with the ring on New Year’s Eve when he officially proposed. He said I can’t have control of everything and for once, I agree.

CP: My personalized signet ring. Both my sister and my mother have their own as well so we are all matching. It was a Christmas gift, all our rings are the same but they have different engravings and gemstones. We each designed one: I made my mother’s ring and gifted it to her, and my sister designed my ring. These have become family heirlooms now.



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