5 Tips From Bergdorf Good Mornings with Laura Brown & Dee Poku

Written by Claire Stern; Photography by Darian DiCianno / BFA.com

Earlier today, we hosted the second installment of Bergdorf Good Mornings, our power breakfast series celebrating successful women across all industries. InStyle Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown sat down with Women: Inspiration and Enterprise Founder and CEO Dee Poku to discuss navigating a successful career path, mastering the art of networking, the current political climate and more. Following the panel, guests including creative director Molly Rosen Guy and author Sara Bliss chatted over a breakfast of granola and fruit parfait and avocado toast in BG Restaurant, overlooking Central Park. Ahead, five takeaways from the inspiring conversation.

Meet new people as often as possible

“Find women on the same plane as you in life and don’t be jaded,” Poku said. “When I first moved from London to New York, I emailed all my friends and asked if they knew anyone I’d like to be connected with. Then I went on a lot of friend dates. Some were great, some were not so great, but eventually I established a base.”

Talk to people who are interesting—not necessarily the most important

“When you focus on the hustle, you miss out,” Poku said. “Everyone has a story. Everyone has something to share.”

Be respectful, but not reverent

“Have a bit of self-esteem and learn how to get things done with some charm,” Brown said. “Get in the room with people. Some may have fancier clothes or a fancier house or have their privacy invaded more than anyone ever should, but they’re still just ladies.”

Establish boundaries

“If you don’t establish boundaries for yourself, people are going to take advantage of you,” Brown said. “Remind yourself that you’re there because you have the equity and the DNA to do [the job].”

Never force anything

“Business is like dating,” Brown said. “Don’t keep calling. If you had a bad time, don’t go back.”



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