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My Favorite Old Things

Glenn O'Brien considers clothes that deserve a bright future

2 27 2013
Glenn O’Brien is an open-minded man of the world who embraces what’s new. But he also takes the long view and appreciates the best of classic style. Here is a list of indispensable items (and vintage) in his wardrobe. They haven’t been improved upon because they cannot be. View More

The Return of the Hat

Christopher Bollen finally wears one

2 27 2013
Hat Illustration
Last winter, during a warm snap, I made a survey of men’s millinery on the streets of New York. On a walk at 11 a.m. and again on my return at 8 p.m. (different times to account for morning and evening dress routines), I monitored the number and styles of hats worn by men... View More

Perfect Coverage

Christopher Bollen considers culture's great hats

2 27 2013
Hat Illustration
1.     Clint Eastwood’s battered straight-brimmed cowboy hat in the 1966 western The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. It remains the gold standard.Hat Illustration 2.     Jack Nicholson’s various smooth fedoras in Roman Polanski’s 1974 masterpiece Chinatown. 3.     The late... View More

The Sharpest Man in Fashion

Jamie Johnson discovers the cutter's secret weapon

2 27 2013
Sharpest Man in Fashion
Some of the most interesting and appealing figures in New York’s elite fashion industry are basic craftsmen, skilled people you never hear a word about. One such individual is Fu Sen Ng, sixty-two years of age, an unassuming man from Toisan, China, who traveled to the city seven years ago... View More

This? I got it in the Women’s Store

David Colman goes where few men have gone before

2 27 2013
Coats Illustration
It began in Aspen. I was in a ski shop with my sister, looking for a new parka. But everything felt huge and boring, as if I were going to be smuggling burly Canadians in it with every run. Wasn’t there anything that fit neatly and trimly, like ski jackets did in the 1980s?... View More

Dressing to Exercise

David Coggins considers the perilous state of sporting clothes

2 27 2013
Sportswear Sketch
Exercise should be simple, but inevitably it becomes complicated. Sportswear SketchYou want to go out and run in the sun. What could be easier? But how much should you stretch? How much arch support do your feet need? Or do they, in fact,... View More

His & Hers

David Colman recalls his favorites from the bride's side of the aisle.

2 27 2013
In March Magazine, David Colman considers how he prefers the cut of some women’s clothes to men’s. Here are a few of his guidelines to what does and does not make sense to adopt from the bride’s side of the aisle. Women's things that men have adopted already whether... View More

A Sport and a Pastime

David Coggins Considers Acceptable Sporting Clothes

2 27 2013
Sportswear Sketch
Just because you’re exercising doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look dashing. Sportswear SketchTraditional sportswear was very elegant and there’s no reason you should look like a ripe piece of Latex fruit when you’re getting your heart-rate up. Here are some simple options: — An old rugby shirt.... View More

Recycling the Avante-Garde

Cintra Wilson on how art becomes accessory

2 27 2013
Recycling the Avant-Garde
There’s a subtle cultural proxy war that unfolds endlessly on our bodies and those of our friends, neighbors and countrymen. The battlefield is symbolism, and the weapons are prints.  My first inkling of the importance of  View More

Trademark Pieces

Joan Juliet Buck plays tags with the rich and famous

2 27 2013
Necklace Sketch
My life in fashion began with a Pucci shirt from Klosters, Switzerland, and might have ended with a pair of translucent rubber boots from Greenwich Village. The Pucci shirt was my firsthand taste of a famous brand name. It fit as if it were made for me; its pinks and... View More