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The Fashion Motive

Adrian Dannatt asks "Why do women wear clothes?"

8 26 2013
The Fashion Movite: Comme des Gargons
Recently, I had the luck to ride in the front of a minivan/limo-thing ferrying a small armada of relatively drunk and highly international females aged between twenty-three and forty from one party to another in the midst of a steamy Istanbul night. The ladies were entirely unaware that I was there, and paying no... View More

Master The Elements: Summer Dressing

5 30 2013
In a perfect world your summer wardrobe revolves around leisure. You’re by the lake, your on the court, you’re enjoying a gin and tonic on a well-manicured lawn. You can be found in linen and Lacoste, khakis and canvas shoes. In reality, however, you are required in the metropolis, you... View More

The Prints and Me

Tim Blanks Ponder's his Personal Love Affair with Exotic Shirtings

5 30 2013

We’ve been blessed of late with a set of museum shows that bestow atavistic significance on particular pieces of cloth, and quite rightly so. Clothes talk, and a tattered tartan dress from Alexander McQueen’s “Highland Fling” collection, or the suit worn by David Bowie on his “Diamond Dogs” tour, or a “Seditionaries”... View More

Saris – Fashion’s Rite of Passage to India

Catherine Despont goes merrily native on the subcontinental

5 21 2013

Within minutes of arriving in India for a wedding, one thing became glaringly apparent: I wouldn’t be wearing anything black on this trip. Or gray. Or maybe even solid. Even the floral sari uniforms of the airport staff made my button-up shirt and pleated trousers feel masculine in the extreme. My somber... View More

BG Conversation: Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto is a brand with one name and two designers, Peter Pilotto and Christopher Devos. Asked if they flipped a coin to name the line, they laughed and said that Peter started it, then Christopher joined him. These two mixed-ancestry Europeans studied in Antwerp and then set up shop in London. Are they Belgian/British/Italian designers? Let's simply call them worldly. Glenn O'Brien spoke to them and their friend and collaborator furniture designer Martino Gamper in London. Everyone seemed to have just arrived from a world tour.

5 21 2013

GLENN O’BRIEN: Hi, this is Glenn.


GOB: Your lives seem hectic. Where were you traveling?

PP: Coordinating this conversation was complicated. We were in Brazil on the way to L.A., and Martino was in Finland on the way to Japan. It’s... View More

Fashion Against Comfort

Joan Juliet Buck on the allure of clothes that kill

5 21 2013

There’s a reason they call it the red carpet.

It’s to hide the blood.

There’s no end to the efforts we will make to be the most absolutely gorgeous creature in the whole wide world. It’s childish perhaps: We want to be as perfect as the bestest best dolls. This... View More

E-tiquette, Mind Your P’s, Q’s and K’s PLS

Glenn O'Brien makes a few observations on digital politesse

5 21 2013

I have a big collection of the classic etiquette books. I’ve got Emily Post’s original 1922 Etiquette, the authoritative Our Deportment from 1881, Manners and Social Usages from 1884, Good Manners for All Occasions from 1904, and even a collection of behavioral maxims collected by George Washington. These books tell us more... View More

The Closet

David Coggins on the mysteries of our most personal space

5 21 2013

Every closet tells a story. Real estate agents say the first place prospective tenants go when scouting an apartment is to the windows, to assess the view. The next stop? The closet. The closet is about possibility, who we may become on a given day. It can also be about impossibility, when... View More

Old Man Brand

David Colman proves corporations are people too

5 15 2013

It has become increasingly apparent to me of late that in order to continue to grow as a person — spiritually, intellectually, emotionally — I am going to have to let go of the idea of myself as a being of flesh and blood, a writer of words printed on paper. My... View More

I’m Turning Back Fellows

Glenn O'Brien has seen fashion's future, and he's not going

2 27 2013
I read this morning on a fashion blog that I’m a “renegade traditionalist.” I suppose I might have claimed that once. I like tradition because I’m not easily convinced by innovations. I find the past more reliable. Dan Quisenberry, a great relief pitcher, once said, “I’ve seen the future and... View More