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From the Archives: When Artists did the Advertising

How Mappelthorpe, Leibovitz, Bourdin and Goude proved BG was Cool

2 27 2012

Photos courtesy of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation

Photos courtesy of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation

Are corporations people? We’ll leave that argument to the politicians. But we’re sure corporations have personalities. Personality is how fashion companies attract customers, and advertising is one way to express that personality clearly. Bergdorf Goodman’s personality comes through in its personnel and its fashion viewpoint. But the ads tell the story too, and they tell it first. In fashion you can’t rest on your laurels. It’s all about change. Your buyers had better be right, and your ads had better tell the story with style.  View More

The Fitter and the Chandelier

11 11 2011



Lida Turek is ninety years old. She lives in the Bronx, New York. She worked at Bergdorf Goodman as a fitter from 1957 until 2001. The story of the grand chandelier that hangs in the rotunda by the East 58th Street entrance is also her story: View More

BG Stories: Belonging

10 20 2011

BG Restaurant View

To say that my only sister, Valerie, and I are close would be a tragic understatement. As children, we wanted to be twins. View More

BG Stories: First Job, New Shoes

10 20 2011

Shoe Sketch

Every year my family made a pilgrimage to New York City.  I am forever grateful to my mother for giving me familiarity with such a magical city. In those first couple trips, I looked forward most to toy stores… but it wasn’t long until my highlight stood at 5th and 58th. No visit was ever complete without a family stop to Bergdorf Goodman. View More

BG Stories: My First New York Visit

10 20 2011

Snowy Day at Bergdorf Goodman

I had recently moved to Maryland and drove to New York after a haircut in New Jersey, and found a parking space a few blocks from BG.  It was January 2, 2010, on a Saturday; it was snowing lightly. View More

BG Stories: My First Day

Our tweeter recalls her first day on the job... and making an absolute mess of it

10 18 2011

BG Restaurant 212 872 8977

I started working at Bergdorf Goodman six years ago, as a Trunk Show Coordinator in our Special Events Department.  It all sounded very glamorous, Trunk ShowsSpecial Events.  To be honest, I didn’t even know what Trunk Shows and Special Events really meant but I knew that this was a job that would take me places. View More

BG Stories: Fall Beauty Party

10 17 2011

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My favorite – and first – time at Bergdorf Goodman was when I was 14. I had seen an ad for the Fall Beauty Party in Vogue and I begged my parents to let me go. My father offered to accompany me, not wanting me to venture into the City alone. View More

BG Stories: Dress Up

10 17 2011

CD Greene 212 872 2670

I remember it as if it were yesterday…

I was around 12 or 13  when my girlfriend and I would visit the Couture floor after school and try on everything around us.  View More

BG Stories: John Jannuzzi

10 17 2011

BG Restaurant 212 872 8977

Bergdorf Goodman has always been a favorite spot for my family. My mother makes it a destination during the holidays to visit the 7th floor displays, my brother buys plenty of his finely-tailored pieces there and my father, well, he likes to buy shirts. However, my favorite experience was probably a few fashion weeks ago with my grandmother, Nonni. View More

BG Stories: Bring Your Son to Work Day

10 13 2011

I was a young lad strolling around the City with my mother. It was Bring Your Annoying Son to Work Day; and, to give her coworkers a break, my mom took me to 5th & 58th – Bergdorfs!  View More