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BG Stories

Celebrate 111 Years of Extraordinary

10 4 2012

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s

9 24 2012

Last week we feted Fashion Week with a birthday bash fit for 111 years of extraordinary.  Beginning with a private screening of our forthcoming documentary, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's, at the Paris Theater, we danced long into the night during our after-bash on the Main Floor.

With attendees like Pat Cleveland, Glenn O'Brien,... View More

Tune In: Celebrating 111 in our Windows

9 11 2012
Fifth Avenue Window 2
Not only did we wrap up the store a la a big birthday present this 111th anniversary, David Hoey and our windows team fashioned windows to match those we soon will admire during the Holidays.  Taking over six months to produce, our Anniversary Windows installation celebrates the history of Bergdorf Goodman, as well as... View More

Perfect for a Rainy Day

9 5 2012
Bergdorf Goodman Anniversary Umbrella, 212 872 2601
Rain's in the forecast this week.  So what better way to wade through the weather than with the perfect playlist and umbrella fit for 111 Years of Extraordinary? Created to mark our 111th Annivesary, our exclusive Bergdorf Goodman umbrella (212 872 2601) features illustrations seen on our limited-edition shopping bags.  Even better?  It's... View More

Check in and Celebrate 111 Years

9 4 2012
Foursquare Special
If you haven't yet caught on, we're celebrating 111 Years of Extraordinary this Fall... and what better way to kick off the merriment than with a Foursquare Check-in Special fitting for 111 Years? This month Goodman's Cafe on the Beauty Level will be offering the beloved Gotham Salad as a lunchtime take-away for $11.11 to... View More

The Anniversary Collection

Photographs by Luciana Val and Franco Musso

8 29 2012
111 Anniversary Collection
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The Men’s Anniversary Collection

Celebrating 111 Years of Extraordinary

Photographs by Paul Wetherell and Nigel Cox

8 29 2012
Men's Anniversary Collection
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The Anniversary Collection: Still Life

Photographs by Nigel Cox

8 29 2012
111 Stills photographed by Nigel Cox
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Behind-the-Scenes: 111 Years of Extraordinary

On location

8 29 2012

For our anniversary designers conjured up brilliant, one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces inspired by the past and future of Bergdorf Goodman.  It’s a collection unlike any other. To honor this, our September Magazine captured these pieces in a special 111 story starring some of the most notable names seen on the runway and in magazine editorials Saskia …

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Inspired Design

The drawings and stories behind the 111th Anniversary Collection - Straight from the Designers themselves

Stories behind the anniversary collection

8 29 2012
Michael Kors
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