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BG Stories

About Last Night: Fausto Puglisi

4 30 2014
Last night, the Third Floor at Bergdorf Goodman was transformed into a tropical paradise as Linda Fargo and Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis hosted a celebration for designer Fausto Puglisi's debut at BG. The idyllic display highlighted the bright colors and printed palms from the designer's exclusive Spring collection, showcasing pieces that exuded glamour... View More

About Last Night: Veronica Beard

3 7 2014
Did you know there actually are two Veronica Beards? Yes, that's right. And last night we joined with Brett Heyman, Chelsea Leyland, Alex Rose, Cynthia Smith and Ferebee Taube to welcome the sisters-in-law to 5F. Known for their innovative blazer with detachable dickey, Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard pride themselves on creating... View More

#GetScattered : Michael Kors

5 8 2013

Michael was about 20, maybe younger, selling his designs in a small shop on 57th street across from Bergdorf Goodman. And the rest was history. Michael Kors meets with Dawn Mellow to share his story on being discovered by her, our former Fashion Director. Read Michael Kors BG Story    

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#GetScattered : Thakoon

A Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's series

3 27 2013

Yes! It’s true! Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s the documentary is coming to a theater near you! Director Matthew Miele spent more than a year behind our walls and now we’re getting ready for our moment on the silver screen. While we can’t share film clips just yet, we can reveal some of the designers who …

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BG Stories: 58th Street and the Metropolitan Opera

12 21 2012
My grandfather came to the States from Holland in '33, with his wife, my dad and his sister, and fifty cases of Heineken.  Our family was the sole importer of the Heineken brand for sixty years... and my grandfather was quite the bon vivant.  I've always known that our grandfather enjoyed all the stuff... View More

Holiday Windows 2012: The BG Follies

11 20 2012
Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Window: Act V
Photo copyrights © Ricky Zehavi David Hoey discusses our Holiday Windows: You can call our Holiday Windows a study in maximalism. Last night David Hoey and our visual team unveiled this year's Holiday Windows to Fifth Avenue.  Called The BG Follies of 2012, the windows were inspired by entertainments such... View More

#BGWindows Instagram Challenge

11 18 2012
Bergdorf Goodman x The Coveteur
It's a question many of you have asked us in recent months: What do you do with your windows props? Where do they go? Do you reuse them? Throw them out? Sell them? Can I buy them?? Truthfully, much of what we create is saved for future windows and in-store visual installations (just look at our... View More


The 111th Anniversary celebration is in full swing. The documentary film Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's has a special screening at the Paris Theatre, presented by Cadillac. Some of our good friends stepped out in style -and turned the red carpet lavender.

11 13 2012
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About Last Night: the Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating 111 Years of Extraordinary at the Plaza Hotel

10 19 2012
It was like movie fashion prom. You know the supremely over-the-top affairs where everything falls perfectly into place and everything from the music to the decorations to the costumes are beyond all extraordinary imagination?  There even was an 80s tribute-band. And we took BG Family photos before the event began. Only this time there wasn't... View More

Happy Bergdorf Goodman Day!

Signed & sealed by Mayor Bloomberg

10 18 2012

111 Years of Extraordinary just got more, well, extraordinary thanks to Mayor Bloomberg and our fine city of New York.  Today, Thursday, October 18, has been proclaimed Bergdorf Goodman Day. Officially.

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So how can you join us in the celebration? - Update your desktop to match our 111... View More