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His & Hers

David Colman recalls his favorites from the bride's side of the aisle.

In March Magazine, David Colman considers how he prefers the cut of some women’s clothes to men’s. Here are a few of his guidelines to what does and does not make sense to adopt from the bride’s side of the aisle.

Women’s things that m
en have adopted already whether they realize it or not:

- Cashmere everything

- Dinner sandals (in several different styles, natch)

- Multiple bracelets (for the I-don’t-want or I-can’t-hold a job look)

- Diamonds (on watches)

- Capri pants (aka surf shorts)

- Fur trim (don’t worry, it looks very Dr. Zhivago)

- Loud, clashing prints and colors (ask your pharmacist)

Women’s things that could reasonably adopt without the world going off its axis and careening into the sun:

- Oversize overcoats

- Low-key leather handbags (but keep those crazy “it” bags and their price tags, please!)

- Duchesse (tiff, dull satin with a military glamour)

- Heels (just, say, two-inch ones—Rick Owens already makes them for men, and they do great things for cowboys)

- Twinsets (Hedi Slimane made them during his first foray at Saint Laurent—man ‘em up and bring ‘em back)

- Shirt dresses (what Indian men call a kurta)

Women’s things that should not adopt ever, or at least while I am still walking around, please:

- Circle skirts (this isn’t a costume party)

- Scrunchies (just, no)

- Princess Sleeves (though that would be a good drag name)

- Strapless tops (not open to discussion)

- Bright pink (it doesn’t even look good or girls, for Pete’s sake)

- Lipstick (not even black)

- Cheek and lip implants (unless it’s a medical emergency)
David Colman goes where few men have gone before