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BG Radar: Fall Trends

Black AND White

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The Dynamic Duo

Pushed and pulled in all the right directions.

These perennial opposites have it all when it comes to attraction and making a statement. They stand for contrast, drama, form and power. There’s classicism in the bold line. Black and white can be read across the room. Color? You bring that with your skin, your hair, your eyes, your lips. You’re the picture in the dramatic black-and-white frame.

BG Radar: Black & White

BG Radar: Black & White


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No-nonsense meets Wild & Free

There are two ways to dazzle. Both work. Which is you?

There’s a minimalist and a maximalist in all of us. It depends on mood and occasion. Sometimes, you feel direct, architectural, and no-nonsense formal follows functional. Other times, you’re feeling free, wild and as complex and florid as nature herself and opt to go all out. There’s no conflict here, so consult your calendar, your astrochart and your mood.



Rock Chick Chic

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Be Fierce.

Don’t be afraid of a little attitude.
Rock-chic is about projecting strength on your own terms and putting the world on notice. You’re fierce, and don’t be afraid to let the world know it. Black is basic again, because it’s bad, and leather is superbad. Everywhere you look are buckles, chains, clasps, zips and studs. Show a little skin and a lot of attitude.
BG Radar: Rock Chick Chic

BG Radar: Rock Chick Chic

HE said SHE said

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Take Notes from the Boys

Nothing wrong with a little sartorial swagger.

We all know women are running the show. They’re ruling the roosts where they like to crow at least as much as men do. So it’s no surprise that menswear is the inspiration for looks from tailored shirts to oxford shoes. There’s real luxury in fabrics and workmanship, and it’s everywhere you look. You’ll find that projecting authority suits women just perfectly.

BG Radar: HE Said, SHE said

BG Radar: HE Said, SHE said

This may be my favorite season of all! Between the all-out slam-glam at Tom Ford and the New-Age sophisticates at Dior, Balenciaga, Proenza and Céline, there is a lot to whet my fashion appetite. Maybe the MET’s “Punk” exhibit did it, but rock-chic never rolled the way it did at Saint Laurent and Givenchy. So many clothes said “touch me,” as textures from fuzzy to furry became news. The most engaging patterns, to my eye, are clearly rebooted camouflage, dynamic zebra stripes or neo-geo updates on menswear’s houndstooth. Minimalism has a playmate, with an emerging trend of kapow! maximalism; his-for-her fabrics are feminized; coats are the biggest wardrobe enhancer. I always look for a mélange of “forever” pieces and the more of-the-moment trends here today.

— Linda Fargo

A Season to Inspire – Fargo’s Favs for Fall 2013:

1. Balenciaga (Third Floor, 212 872 8667)
Top on my list? Almost anything from Alexander Wang’s breakout debut collection for Balenciaga.

2. JAR (Beauty Level, 212 872 2733)
Golconda, the original scent from JAR. As spell-inducing and rare as anything else designed by Joel Rosenthal. $950

3. Junya Watanabe  (Third Floor, 212 872 8805)
Rock Chick Chic! The Moto meets Varsity, and it all rocks and rolls.

4. Aurora Lopez Mejia (Main Floor, 212 872 2753)
Customize your mantra in something as lasting as an 18k gold ID bracelet. Some things actually can last forever. $37,775

5. Fendi (Second Floor, 212 872 2674)
My eye keeps crav- ing ’80s redux. A neo-geo shape with a curve of mink to boot. $1,690

6. Manolo Blahnik (Second Floor, 212 872 8947)No need to run for cover! Two favorite Fall trends in one shoe! The single-sole “BB” pumps and recolored camo. $895

7. Prada (Main Floor, 212 872 8821)
I want to live in Prada’s film noir Fall collection. And if I can’t, I’ll take this red crocodile bowler bad instead. $44,000

8. Michael Kors (Third Floor, 212 872 8997)
Checkmate! Houndstooth rebooted. This graphic black-and-white menswear classic takes on new dimensions. $4,400

9. Agnelle (Main Floor, 212 872 2653)
Wave good-bye to boring! Zebra gives life a little pizzazz. $225

10. Dior Rouge 999 Lipstick (Beauty Level, 212 872 2719)
My new signature: Rouge Dior 999. Potent and powerful. $34

11. Victoria Beckham (Third Floor, 212 872 8895)
Sleek, luxe and gleaming. THE touch-me material of the season—HAIRCALF!

12. Paul Andrew (Second Floor, 212 872 8947)
The ultimate flight of fancy! Flaming feathered heels by our new chic designer, Paul Andrew. $1,145