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BG Dispatch: Cambodia

2 27 2012

Neil Barrett, 212 339 3340

We were lucky enough to make a trek to Cambodia for two of the men’s shoots in our March Issue.  It was an ideal setting: dynamic landscapes, remarkable architecture and vibrant cities.

In Phnom Penh, we became addicted to shrimp and fish amok, a curry served with rice.  In Siem Reap, the ancient architecture lived up to its reputation. It’s an extraordinary country, and it doesn’t take long to get used to being bicycled around in a tuk tuk.  And then there’s the stunning Amansara Hotel, which was the former King’s guest villa.  At night, lit by candles, it’s one of the most gracious places we’ve ever stayed.


Sugar Plum, Phnom Penh
Number 19, Street 240, Phnom Penh

Wat Damnak, Siem Reap


Amansara, Angkor Wat

Aidan meets the locals

Our Creative Director Aidan meets the locals

Armando Cabral in Band of Outsiders

Armando Cabral looking iconic in Band of Outsiders

Tool of the Trade

Tool of the Trade


Arnaud & Armando doing their thing (Armando’s in Vilebrequin)

Royal Palace Phnom Penh

Royal Palace Phnom Penh

Michael Bastian

Michael Bastian light


Bottega Veneta

Armando in Bottega Veneta


Dries Van Noten

Capturing Dries Van Noten

Tuk-Tuk Essential Transport
Tuk Tuk – essential transport

Thom Browne

Armando in Thom Browne




Photographer Arnaux Pyvka
Photographer Arnaux Pyvka

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