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Bergdorf Goodman Introduces 2011 Holiday Marketing Programs

12 1 2011

Bergdorf Goodman

Salty in Unleashed

New York, NY –This holiday season Bergdorf Goodman has created several special and unique initiatives that involve all marketing and social media platforms.

Bergdorf Goodman has introduced BG Gifter, a gift application in partnership with Hunch, a site that gives personalized recommendations based upon users’BG Gifter quoatation online activity.  BG Gifter uses Hunch’s technology to recommend gift ideas from and the Holiday Gift Book that are tailored specifically for the user.  Users can answer questions and link in their social profiles to receive personalized gift recommendations for themselves, friends, children and spouse.  The more active the user is on Facebook, Twitter and Hunch, the more customized the recommendations will be.  BG Gifter, developed by Productive Edge, can be found on the Bergdorf Goodman blog, 5th/58th and Facebook.

“The BG Gifter is an exciting new application that unites Hunch’s recommendation technology with the top-quality products and brands for which Bergdorf Goodman is so well known. We hope consumers will find the application not only fun to use but also helpful and time-saving during the busy holiday season,” said Shaival Shah, VP Business Development at Hunch.

BG Gifter Demonstration

Bergdorf Goodman goes to the dogs this year for its annual holiday video.  Inspired by this year’s theme of the holiday windows, “Carnival of the Animals,” BG Films presents “Unleashed,” a story about some of New York’s most charismatic canines as they invade the store in search of a perfect gift for their owner.  Guest star, Salty, steals the show with a special performance that will warm hearts of all animal lovers.  The shoppable version of “Unleashed” is currently available for viewing.  The video was directed by Theo Stanley of HARBOR Film Company, with Creative Direction and Concept by Aidan Kemp, Vice President and Creative Director, Bergdorf Goodman.  Bergdorf Goodman is a dog friendly store and offers holiday treats for visiting pups in the second floor Shoe Salon.  To adopt a dog and learn more about the responsibilities of living with an animal, please contact the Humane Society of New York – an institution that has been helping animals since 1904.

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In celebration of “Unleashed,” Bergdorf Goodman has introduced the #BGDogs instagram project.  Users may instagram photos of their dogs within Bergdorf Goodman or against cityscapes and other creative backdrops, hash-tag with #BGDogs and geo-tag the photo’s location in order to appear on an interactive map of Manhattan on 5th/58th.

#BGDogs Instagram Map



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Bergdorf Goodman has also launched Google+, the store’s hub for all things holiday.  It will feature exclusive holiday content throughout the season: Holiday Windows photos, gift-giving tips and gift guide albums that integrate favorites pinned on Pinterest.  Post holiday season, the Bergdorf Goodman Google+ page will be a platform where readers can easily access editorial content shared on 5th/58th as well as announcements concerning new arrivals, trend stories and more.

All Bergdorf Goodman holiday endeavors can be enjoyed by everyone when they visit the dedicated holiday page on 5th/58th.  This page can also be accessed by scanning the QR code that appears on several holiday windows.

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Bergdorf Goodman, founded by master tailors Edwin Goodman and Herman Bergdorf, is located on the corner of New York’s Fifth Avenue and 58th Street, the former site of the Cornelius Vanderbilt mansion.  Bergdorf Goodman: The pinnacle of style, service, and imagination, since 1901.

For more information, contact:

Jessica Gioia-Zotts, 646 735 5332