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Ready for Rose

1 8 2015
With New Year's resolutions still fresh in mind, we feel a rose-infused beauty round up is most appropriate. As we ponder the delicate bouquet and skin-calming properties, it's quite clear -- 'rose' and 'renewal' go hand-in-hand. Read on as we share the rose-infused beauty musts that soothe and scent from head to toe. Atelier CologneRose Anonyme... View More

Best Beauty Looks of 2014

12 30 2014
Don't you just love end-of-year round ups? We all do. And as Beauty Girls, we especially love a good recap of the year's best looks. You know -- the beauty that made us gush, swoon, and race to the Beauty Level for a quick makeover. Read on as we share our favorite beauty from 2014 (and... View More

#BGGiftTips Part 2

More Holiday Inspiration from Industry Insiders

12 24 2014
In need of holiday shopping inspiration? Make sure to follow @Bergdorfs twitter for a tip a day – from the insiders who know best. Weekly round ups will be posted here, so make sure to follow. View More

Last Minute Beauty She’s Sure To Love

12 23 2014
You're last minute shopping for your ladylove...again. Hey, we're not here to judge -- we're here to help. With less than two full shopping days until Christmas, you need a miracle and you need it now. Read on as we share our guaranteed, sure-to-please, top picks for her... Ellen Hunter Wreath  If she's totally into her... View More

Kilian Hennessy: On His Newest Collections

12 18 2014

In anticipation of Kilian Hennessy’s December 23rd in-store appearance, we thought we’d sit down and chat a spell….we’re always so intrigued by his collections and the inspiration behind them. Read on as we share our one-on-one interview:


BG: You’ve created a One of a Kind Fragrance exclusively for Bergdorf Goodman — PURPLE RAIN. We’d love for you to walk us through your process for creating such a rare and unique fragrance.

Kilian Hennessy: I created PURPLE RAIN thinking about what makes Bergdorf Goodman really unique…a blend of classic femininity with a very contemporary edge. For me, Linda Fargo IS Bergdorf! So I wanted to create a scent in her image…a scent that would be feminine of course but without using the classic feminine attributes. A scent that would make a statement. A scent that would leave no one indifferent.  PURPLE RAIN is a careful balance of Violet leaf, Papyrus Wood and leather. Definitely not a scent for everyone! But the Bergdorf Goodman customer is NOT everyone! She deserves a unique creation.

BG. Your latest scented jewelry collection, Studio 54, is named after the iconic 80’s nightclub. What inspired you to revisit this particular era and scene? And how is Studio 54 reflected in the design?

KH:  I wanted to create a collection that would take a festive twist for the holidays. Reminiscent of a disco ball adorned with black Swarovski crystals, this collection has been name STUDIO 54 in reference to the glamorous and iconic NYC club! The collection is composed of a bangle bracelet, a pair of earrings and a poison ring.

BG: Your scented necklaces are absolutely stunning. Are they to be worn as daily fragrance or as a special occasion piece? Do you have a favorite piece within the collection?

KH: Thank you so much! They were created to be worn daily. It is a new way of wearing your favorite perfume…more intimate, more precious. My favorite piece is the BLACK ONYX TASSEL…because it is the most versatile: it looks cool on a woman wearing a pair of jeans, T-shirt and stilettos or really elegant on a woman wearing an evening dress.



As he presents his creative inspirations and introduces his two new collections: The Jewels of Oeuvre Noire & Addictive State of Mind

Tuesday December 23rd

4pm – 7pm

On the beauty level

212 872 2658

#BGGiftTips Part 1

Holiday Inspiration from Industry Insiders

12 12 2014
In need of holiday shopping inspiration? Make sure to follow @Bergdorfs twitter for a tip a day - from the insiders who know best. Weekly round ups will be posted here, so make sure to follow. View More

Holiday Hair: We Show You How

12 8 2014
"Desk to Drinks" season is know -- those cocktail party filled weeks that span post-Thanksgiving through the New Year. It's the most wonderful time of the year for celebrations and good cheer galore. By now you're probably committed to at least one fete per week. And obviously you need to look the part... View More

New to BG: December Beauty Picks

12 3 2014
Every month our Beauty Girls gush with excitement over what’s cool and new. Here’s the December run down of the beauty you need now! Roja Parfums Bergdorf's Parfum Pour Femme WHY YOU NEED IT: Because a scent that embodies the Bergdorf Goodman woman is an absolute must own.  Master Perfumer Roja Dove skillfully combines bursts of citrus and the warmth of... View More

BG Beauty Review: Foreo Luna

11 28 2014
  When it comes to beauty tools we’re hip to the tech -- But Luna Foreo (212 872 8720) had us scratching our heads. We're not facial brush newbies, but one made of silicone...ok, we're stumped! Here's how it works: Unlike most facial cleansing brushes we've tried, Luna Foreo does not use bristles. Instead, a silicone... View More

Cult Beauty: Skin-Perfecting Essences

11 20 2014
Not that we're here to overly complicate your beauty routine or turn your skincare world upside down, but there's a crucial AM/PM beautification step that you're likely skipping  -- a skin-perfecting Essence. Allow us to demystify -- Widely regarded for their softening and hydrating properties, Essences are applied (just a few drops patted into skin) after cleansing and toning. Generally... View More