Forever Summer: Six Scents That Feel Like Summer

8 21 2014
While we hate to admit it -- summer is winding down. True story...just check the calendar. But if you're not quite ready to welcome the crisp temperatures of fall, these six summer scents help stretch your summer lovin' just a little bit longer. . . Robert Piguet Gardenia Floral yet slightly woody, this sparkling Gardenia scent is a classic, feminine... View More

Foundation Fundamentals: How To Choose The Right Foundation

8 11 2014

Edward Bess Complexion Correcting Mousse Foundation

Choosing the right foundation for your skin type can be a real challenge. Too oily, and hello - clogged pores. Too matte, and "where did those fine lines come from?" But, choose the formula that is just right -- and a... View More

New to BG: August Beauty Picks

8 7 2014
Every month our Beauty Girls gush with excitement over what's cool and new. Here's the August run down of the beauty you need now! Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour WHY YOU NEED IT: Because your nails should be as iconic as your red soles. 212 872 8947 Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil WHY YOU NEED IT: The heart... View More

Night Cream: What You Need In Your 20′s, 30′s, 40′s

7 31 2014
Is better skin by morning possible? We say 'yes'! It's no secret that nighttime is the right time for skin renewal -- while you log a blissful eight hours of sleep, skin naturally repairs and rejuvenates. Want to fast track your results? Pair a power-packed night cream with a good night's sleep and complexion perfection is yours by morning.... View More

Moisturizers: What You Need In Your 20′s, 30′s, 40′s

7 24 2014
Regardless of skin type, we all need moisturizer (yes, even oily skin). However, choosing the right formulation is essential -- a cream that's too rich can wreak havoc on acne prone skin, while a cream that's too light, can leave mature skin deprived of necessary hydration. Read on as we share our top picks for the best moisturizer for skin care needs... View More

Five Beauty Tools That Will Change Your Life

7 17 2014
We all know that using the right products can make a major difference in skin and hair. But, let's chat tools. New, hip-to-the-tech skin care and hair care tools amplify results like never before and take your beauty to the next level. Read on as we share Five Beauty Tools That Will Change Your Life. . . View More

Serums: What You Need In Your 20′s, 30′s, 40′s

7 10 2014
Navigating the many serum options can confuse even the savviest skin care shopper.  Add on the eye-squinting task of figuring out which serum works best for your age-specific concerns, and well — it’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel. Luckily, Our Beauty Editor, Felicia, is here to break it down... View More

Patriotic Party Stripe: Fourth of July Nail Art Tutorial

7 1 2014
The Fourth of July is upon us. . . and what's a Beauty Girl to do? Obviously an Independence Day Nail Art Tutorial is in order. Follow along as Ari Fund, of The Glittery, shares a step-by-step on creating a perfectly patriotic mani that's certain to cause sparks. Supplies: Guerlain Protective La Base Coat &... View More

Soccer & Beauty: Our Top Picks For Showing Your Team Spirit

6 26 2014
We’re all mad for soccer right now...there’s no denying it. But girls, let’s be honest --  our softer side can’t help but crave beauty. Read on as we share five ways to support your team while showcasing some amazing beauty! Rock Vibrant Liner Get in the spirit with a flash of color on the lids. Try  View More

Six Uncommon Scents To Try For Summer

6 19 2014
With the warm glow of summer finally settling in, you'd think we'd switch to flirty florals or notes crisp and bright. But, no…we prefer to buck the trend and embrace all things exotic. We're talking elegant blends of amber, spice, musk and leather. There's something wildly alluring about the way deep, sultry scents interact with skin... View More