BG Radar: Express Yourself

2 27 2014
Linda's List: Express Yourself!
Maybe it’s my inner artist calling out, but this season has all my self-expression cravings covered. There’s a lot here to move my style dial forward. 1. Prada The convergence of “art meets fashion” has never come to life as vividly as in this spring’s Prada collection. These bags are for collectors and aficionados alike. 212 872 8821 Art Matters!... View More

On Fifth Avenue: Prada

In the Heart of Multitude

2 27 2014
Prada Windows at Bergdorf Goodman
Art Matters! Created in collaboration with Prada, our latest Fifth Avenue windows are derived from In the Heart of Multitude, a special environment designed for the Spring/Summer '14 collection.  Prada invited muralists and illustrators to engage themes of femininity, representation, power, and multiplicity through a series of large scale murals. The striking portraits featured in... View More

Starstruck: Your March Horoscope

2 26 2014
Amy Zerner Astrology Necklace
Happy Birthday Pisces! Ready for the new season to begin? See what the start of spring has in store for you. Shop Amy Zerner 5F, 212 872 8901 See February's Starstruck View More

DJ Mad Marj’s Valentine’s Mix and Picks

2 4 2014
G International Earrings, 212 872 8816
Chocolate? More like G International and David Webb.  Valentine's Day is just around the corner... So what makes more sense than to ask DJ Mad Marj to share her ultimate Valentine's music mix?  There's a little Madonna, a dash of Janet, Grace Jones and... of course, an ending with a bang. And, since Marjorie is... View More

Starstruck: Your February Horoscope

1 30 2014
Amy Zerner Astrology Necklace
Happy Birthday Aquarius! Keeping up with those new year resolutions? See how things will go for you in February. Shop Amy Zerner 5F, 212 872 8901 See January's Starstruck View More

Best Accessories for the BG Bride

1 23 2014
G International Earrings, 212 872 8816
Dum-dum-da-dum.... You've found your dress, the venue is secured and the chapel's been confirmed for months. Now it's time to secure the minutia — those little details that complete the look.  Approach your accessories as you would a cake's frosting — it's the most frothy, fun and colorful ingredient. Are you an.... Elegant bride? Christian Louboutin's Body Strass... View More

Starstruck: Your January Horoscope

1 2 2014
Happy Birthday Capricorn! It's a New Year and now is the time for change. See what's in the stars for you to start off 2014. Shop Amy Zerner 5F, 212 872 8901 See December's Starstruck View More

Cool Gifts for Her

12 18 2013
Sydney Evan, 212 872 2518
Gentlemen, you now have less than seven days to find and wrap up the perfect holiday gift. Here at Bergdorf Goodman we understand the art of procrastination and are ready to help you find the perfect present.... before it's too late.  So whether it's your cousin or sister or wife or assistant, we've identified just... View More

Desk to Drinks: Pretty Holiday Hair

12 5 2013
Jennifer Behr Petite Waterfall Flip Clip
It's 5:45 and you're 15 minutes from making a mad dash from desk to drinks. You whip out your trusty mirrored compact, and yikes -- the hair. It needs a refresh...but what's a girl to do with just a few minutes to spare? Breathe. We can help! Consider a decorative headpiece. Whatever the affair, whatever your style... View More

Starstruck: Your December Horoscope

11 26 2013
Amy Zerner April Horoscope, 5F, 212 872 8901
Happy Birthday Sagittaurus! This month find out what astrologists Amy Zerner & Monte Farber have in the stars for you, with your loved ones and during the holiday season. Shop Amy Zerner 5F, 212 872 8901 See November's Starstruck View More